Fun way to improve your personal condition and fat burn . This program is just for you.

Easy to follow Aerobic and steps, moves. This particular activity will help your joints and muscle gain. You will be using your body weight and small exercise equipment in Interval Training . It will help a lot for your daily life.



Dance Aerobic classes will help you to burn tremendous amount of calories. The style mix Latin, house and modern dans all in one  and it’s the group dance for fitness and fun.



Founded by Latin/Flamenco champion Cortese Ferimmgo. This particular style includes Salsa, Cha-Cha , Jive and, Rumba. Fun and energetic way to burn lots of calories while dancing. Latin Dance Cortese offer high quality fitness experience.



Known as one of the best meditation method. Concentrate on breathing and stretching. Help flexibility and Improve mental and physical health.



Spinning class where music and rhythm meet! Great for Cardiovascular Capacity and perfect way to release your daily stress.



Are you ready to experience a new style of Latin and Urban Dance?

Rumba Fit is a style of dance including all world dances which combines elements of champeta, reggaeton, salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, africano, samba, chachacha, urban pop, hiphop in popular songs and choreos.

Rumba Fit is a joyful dance workout, and in a class you'd burn more than 500 calories - doing lunges, squats, total body workout besides learning all world dance moves.

Leave your stresses at the door, and immerse yourself in this party mood Rumba Fit dance class with the unique style of our dance instructor Luisella Ferringo.



Full body training concentrate on legs and tights . Perfect for weight loss and tone your body! Lower body training isn’t easy but the results are outrageous.



Core is the center of your body and extremely important . Core and Crunch training helps your balance and control. Also support center muscles and stability.



Pilates is a training where East meets West. It’s a mixture of power training and gymnastic. Targets  your  mental health , Bally fat, back muscles and body coordination.

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