7/24 Fitness Club


Fitness is the key to a healthy and fit body as well as the foundation of dynamic, creative and intellectual activity. We have arranged our equipment and fitness areas accordingly as the 7/24 team in order to reach your goals faster. You can do fitness to start your day strong, keep fit, to increase your physical energy and endurance..

Swimming Pool

7/24 Fitness Club has 2 indoor and outdoor pools. You can enjoy swimming all year long. In our semi-olympic pools, which have three times the increase in diameter and cleaned with ultraviolet rays, our members can experience the calmness provided by the water to the body, and do cardio exercises that help burn fat. In addition, those who have muscle and joint problems for a long time and who need to swim as physical and physiological activity can get professional support that they need at 24/7 Fitness Club.

Studio Classes

Your best motivator is your friend. The studio courses, which are among the top sports trends in the world, have a variety of course contents. If you don't like exercising by yourself, these highly motivational, goal-oriented and fun studio classes are just for you. You will enjoy exercising with the latest and wide range of club classes, and you will enjoy doing sports in a social environment that will make you feel better with group motivation while working out. These classes includes yoga, pilates, spinning and so on. With the diversity of club courses you will be able to get some peace, spiritual serenity by being active. You will always keep your motivation at the highest level with professional trainers in 7/24 Fitness Club studio courses which are prepared for both sports and sociality.

Personel Training

With the support of professional trainer, this program is applied to you in accordance with the needs of the member. With the help of your personal trainer, your health and physiological status, your sports history and lifestyle are taken into consideration and the most appropriate exercise program is prepared in line with your needs and expectations. Every detail is stored in a special file for our members throughout the program. Your progress is monitored through periodic measurements and tests. You will achieve your goals in the most effective way.


If you prefer massage to get away from the stress of the day, to revive and relax, you can relax in our SPA center. In addition to physical therapy, you will enjoy the SPA and massage, which is a spiritual therapy.. Regarding spa benefits, it regulates blood circulation. It also accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body. Softens and relaxes muscles. Especially after working out and having sore muscles. Spa also helps to eliminate fat in the body.

Reformer Pilates

The reformer pilates, which is very popular lately, are made using machines specially designed for pilates exercises, unlike standard pilates. With the reformer pilates, where you will see the change more intensely and in a short time, your muscle structure is strengthened thanks to the variety of exercise movements. You can have a healthy, fit and strong body with reformer pilates that you can easily see the effect in a short time with a regular training. In addition to all of its benefits, reformer pilates also helps improve spine curvature, muscle strength, balance and coordination.

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